Telling stories that move you on screen and in fiction.

Also: filmmaker. Enby, queer (they/them).

Jay Pendragon

I'm proud to call myself a fan and a fic writer since fandom has taught me so much about how to tell stories...


Jay’s work include short films, corporate video as well as online content.

``The Hacker``

“The Hacker” is Jay Pendragon’s second short film and was inspired by their Bondlock fanfic “Loyal in Adversity”.

Films by Jay Pendragon

A selection of short films by Jay Pendragon.

“The Hacker” (2017)

Inside a derelict barn, a 17-year-old hacker meets the government official who has the power to grant him a second chance – or ruin his life forever.

“Acceptance/Akzeptanz” (2016)

Jay’s no-budget directorial debut, filmed with minimal crew on location in Schwandorf, Bavaria.

40 Jahre Stadtbücherei Schwandorf

To celebrate 40 years of existence, Jay created a loving video tribute to their hometown’s local library.

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You need a second pair of eyes for your feature screenplay, TV pilot, writing sample or even your outline or treatment?

You want someone to help you improve your story?

Once you’ve written something – a script, an outline, a treatment – how do you know whether it connects with the reader? If your main passion is directing, how do you ensure you have a strong story to showcase your skill? How do you spot a script’s faults when the only pair of eyes you have is your own?

That’s how: you enlist help.

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Film and TV is a world that both enthralls and frustrates me. I get very passionate about stories I love, but those tales I truly want to see on screen, those I write myself.


There is nothing like creating a world from scratch and filling it with compelling characters and conflict. Even better when you get to move readers with your tales!


I'm proud to call myself a fan and a fic writer, since fandom is where I learned what it means to tell stories and how brilliant it feels to profoundly move readers with your tales. So far, I have published over 1,8 MILLION WORDS on my AO3 account, and several stories have gone on to gain an enthusiastic readership.


My BA brought me many joys, and chief among them were the essays I got to write. I believe in open-access, so you will find my works on “YouTube as a return to the Cinema of Attractions”, The Johnlock Conspiracy, Omegaverse in fanfiction and more as open-access files here and elsewhere.



Where Jay shares experiences, advice, tips and more – both personal and professional.

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