“The Hacker” – a fanfic-inspired short film

Based on the Bondlock fanfic “Loyal in Adversity”, the short film “The Hacker” introduces you to a 17-year-old protagonist shortly after being captured. Inside a derelict barn he meets Mrs Marlowe, the government official who has the power to grant him a second chance – or ruin his life forever.

Watch the Hacker now:

Much like fandom and fanfic, filmmaking is a team effort.

Just like every writer needs their beta, a low-budget project like this wouldn’t have made it to its first day of filming without an inspiring community of supporters. Thanks to all who have supported “The Hacker” on Indiegogo and elsewhere so we could translate our vision onto the screen!

“The Hacker” premiered in Schwandorf (Bavaria) on 12 October 2017 at Lichtwerk Kino. That same week, director Jay and lead actor Ethan Taylor took over an English lesson for 10th, 11th and 12th grade at Jay’s former school.

Reactions were very positive throughout – people enjoyed the quick pace, the great performances and the story so much that the most frequent question Jay received was: “What happens next?”

Which is why…

Exciting news: “The Hacker” will become a feature!

Jay finished the first draft of the feature script in March 2018. Another re-write is necessary, and Jay will tackle that once their screenwriting schedule clears up to leave more room for original projects.

That’s great. Now, where can I watch the short film?

Soon, we will be able to simply point you to Vimeo. If you would like to support Jay by downloading or buying a DVD of “The Hacker”, reach out to Jay

In the meantime, how about these glimpses behind the scenes?

Cast & Crew

Duration: 08:09 minutes
Completed: February 2017
Screenings: LICHTwerk Kino Schwandorf (premiere), JuFinale 2017 (festival selection)

Jay Pendragon – producer, writer, director
Rachel Shenton – editor (film, teaser #2, cinema trailer)
Tina Reuther – editor (teaser #1)
Alex Streckmann – cinematography
Nils Rehbein – camera assistant
Tobias Nickel – gaffer
Nadine Pauser – make-up
Hildegard Schmucker – set design
Cornelia Strietzel – craft services
Hartwig Ross – original score
Thomas Werner – sound mixing

Ethan Taylor as “Colin”

Born and raised in Bedford, Bedfordshire, Ethan Taylor trained at the Guildford School of Acting. After graduating with a First Class BA (Honours), he has been working as an actor in film and television. Ethan is also the Artistic Director and In-House Writer for Who Said Theatre and a writer himself.

Shabana Hussain as “Mrs Marlowe”

Shabana is a British Asian actress and voiceover artist based in London. After starring in Jay’s directorial debut “Acceptance/Akzeptanz”, she returned to portray the female lead in “The Hacker”.

In further roles:

Peter Hiebl, as Mrs Marlowe’s boss.
Andreas Wilke, as The Pretty One.
Alexis Schmid, as The Colleague.
Clara-Paulina Witsch, as Female Agent.

Graphic Design – Dulce Lara aka Theobellz