Telling stories that move you on screen and in fiction.

Also: queer, trans* (they/them).

Jay Pendragon

I'm a queer, trans* screenwriter and writer of fiction. As a copywriter and sensitivity editor, I also use my powers to help folks express their visions better.

Writing services

Jay has a wealth of experience in copy and content writing – and genuine fun doing it! Currently, Jay splits their time between long-term clients and selected new and one-time projects.


Jay Pendragon has on-set experience, both as a director and script supervisor. Their commercial work includes image videos, explainers and scripts for tutorials.

Writing & Services

You need a second pair of eyes for your script? A skilled writer to craft copy? Or a person with a unique voice for a guest blog? I'm here for you.

Does your story need a sensitivity editor?

All writing's ultimate test is how it resonates with the reader. While provocation is good, the last thing you want is to alienate. That's where a sensitivity reader comes in!
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Film and TV writing is an art as much as it is a craft. First and foremost, though, it's FUN! That's even more evident when I do rewrites for producers, who trust me to execute their vision.


You have a vision – I just help you express it better! Yup, as of 2020, I'm spreading my copywriting wings. I specialize in website copy, sales pages, and funnel writing. How can I help you?


There is nothing like creating a world from scratch and filling it with compelling characters and conflict. Even better when you get to move readers with your tales! Stay tuned for my upcoming books: a short tale called 'Bake Me A Bullet' and novel called 'The Masks We Wear'.

Content Writing

The internet truly opened up the ways in which we can share our stories. I love reading long-form content that has a voice and a unique perspective... and, of course, writing them! Check out my blog or my Medium profile for samples.


Films by Jay Pendragon

A selection of short films by Jay Pendragon.

“The Hacker” (2017)

Inside a derelict barn, a 17-year-old hacker meets the government official who has the power to grant him a second chance – or ruin his life forever.

“Acceptance/Akzeptanz” (2016)

Jay’s no-budget directorial debut, filmed with minimal crew on location in Schwandorf, Bavaria.

40 Jahre Stadtbücherei Schwandorf

To celebrate 40 years of existence, Jay created a loving video tribute to their hometown’s local library.


Where Jay shares experiences, advice, tips and more – both personal and professional.

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