Telling stories that move you on screen and in fiction.

Also: queer, trans* (they/them).

Jay Pendragon

I'm a queer, trans* screenwriter and writer of fiction. As a copywriter and sensitivity editor, I also use my powers to help folks express their visions better.


Jay offers free feedback as well as paid sensitivity editing across all genres. Don't lose your audience by accident. Provocation slays – alienation kills!


Jay Pendragon has on-set experience, both as a director and script supervisor. Their commercial work includes an video for a German library as well as scripts for tutorials.

Writing & Services

You need a second pair of eyes for your script? A skilled writer to craft copy? Or a person with a unique voice for a guest blog? I'm here for you.

Does your story need a sensitivity editor?

All writing's ultimate test is how it resonates with the reader. While provocation is good, the last thing you want is to alienate. That's where a sensitivity reader comes in!
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Film and TV writing is an art as much as it is a craft. First and foremost, though, it's FUN! That's even more evident when I do rewrites for producers, who trust me to execute their vision.


You have a vision – I just help you express it better! Yup, as of 2020, I'm spreading my copywriting wings. I specialize in website copy, sales pages, and funnel writing. How can I help you?


There is nothing like creating a world from scratch and filling it with compelling characters and conflict. Even better when you get to move readers with your tales! Stay tuned for my upcoming books: a short tale called 'Bake Me A Bullet' and novel called 'The Masks We Wear'.

Content Writing

The internet truly opened up the ways in which we can share our stories. I love reading long-form content that has a voice and a unique perspective... and, of course, writing them! Check out my blog or my Medium profile for samples.


Films by Jay Pendragon

A selection of short films by Jay Pendragon.

“The Hacker” (2017)

Inside a derelict barn, a 17-year-old hacker meets the government official who has the power to grant him a second chance – or ruin his life forever.

“Acceptance/Akzeptanz” (2016)

Jay’s no-budget directorial debut, filmed with minimal crew on location in Schwandorf, Bavaria.

40 Jahre Stadtbücherei Schwandorf

To celebrate 40 years of existence, Jay created a loving video tribute to their hometown’s local library.

Support queer, trans* voices

Today’s media landscape is in dire need of more diverse voices. If you want to support this emerging queer, trans* writer, be sure to check out my Patreon. My Patrons enjoy a lot of exclusive content, like snippets of my WIPs, members-only posts, and much more.


Where Jay shares experiences, advice, tips and more – both personal and professional.

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