* Yup, three “s”. Why, you ask? I first entered the world of blogging via tumblr, where I’ve been known as multifandom-madnesss.
I’m also active on Medium.
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One day: How Dreams Change

There is a postcard of the Kodak Theater in L.A. on one of the cork boards in my apartment. I have several, used for work, reminders or […]

About Jay

Welcome, stranger! So, you’ve landed on my homepage… or more precisely, my blog. This here is the transcript of my first “About” page here on JayPendragon.com which I […]

Allyship – Wie helfe ich als weiße Person im Kampf gegen Rassismus?

Teil der Essay-Reihe zum Thema “Mein Weg zum Anti-Rassismus” | (Teil Eins) | (Teil Zwei) Wie helfe ich als weiße Person im Kampf gegen Rassismus? Dank der […]

Kritisches Weißsein und ich

Mein Weg zum Anti-Rassismus (Teil Zwei) – (zurück zu Teil Eins) Alle weißen Personen sind rassistisch. Wenn dich diese Aussage zum Aufschreien und Protestieren bringt, dann kann ich […]

Mein Weg zum Anti-Rassismus

Anti-Rassismus (Teil Eins) Und wie bin ich dann nicht rassistisch? – Gar nicht. Ein kleines Dorf im Oberpfälzer Seenland: Für Kids wie mich, die in den 90ern […]

On not being essential

aka “My existential crisis in times of corona” There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you re-evaluate your life. All over the world, people find their […]

Lessons from “The Hacker”: What my second short film taught me about filmmaking, directing, and myself

In 2016, the day after my first short film was screened at my hometown’s cinema, filming began on my second short. The experiences couldn’t have been more […]

Celebrating 365 days without relapse

(part one) It’s April 7th, 2020. The world is amidst a pandemic of unseen proportions — but this won’t be about COVID. This will be about recovery […]

7 Lessons I learned making my first short film

Way back in 2015, when I still had a very clear vision of where my career path would lead me, I decided to take the plunge and […]

Why I don’t offer paid feedback services (anymore)

In my website’s long origin story, nothing has changed more frequently than my services page.  At the start, way back in 2017, I resolved not to charge […]

Becoming Pendragon

Written 31.03.2019 Some decisions in life take ages. Others only need a second. My choice to change my name was both and neither: it has been a […]

My highly biased and unpopular OSCAR votes 2017

Originally posted in February 2017. Each year, I vow to watch as many nominated films as possible. Each year, I ultimately fall short of my expectations. Academy […]

SPOTLIGHT: 7 questions for our composer

Motion pictures are heavy on the visuals, sure – but you can’t forget the music! This time in our SPOTLIGHT series: Hartwig Ross, our composer. He also […]

SPOTLIGHT: 7 questions for our director

  This is it – the final installment of our Spotlight series, which introduced you to cast and crew members “The Hacker”. A ‘tail light’, so to […]

SPOTLIGHT: 7 questions for our Production Assistant

On a film set, production assistants have their hands full. For “The Hacker”, Meli’s tasks included wielding her MS Excel superpowers for the greater good and making […]

SPOTLIGHT: 7 questions for Alexis, aka “The Colleague”

On Monday, 5th September 2016, Alexis Schmid was on location to portray “The Colleague” in Jay’s short film “The Hacker”. Today she is the focal point of […]

SPOTLIGHT: 7 questions for Leon, our intern

After four exciting days from 5th to 8th September 2016, filming wrapped on “The Hacker”… And we couldn’t have done it without our intern Leon. The 15-year-old […]

SPOTLIGHT: 7 questions for “The Pretty One”, the male agent

This time in SPOTLIGHT, the series that introduces you to the members of our team: Andreas, who will play our male agent, aka “The Pretty One”! He […]

SPOTLIGHT: 7 Questions for our editor

In the lead-up to filming “The Hacker”, Jay’s fanfic-inspired short film, we wanted to introduce you to the members of our great team. Shine a spotlight on […]

My unofficial Gateway Fandoms

   Originally posted in in June 2016 For years now I’ve been citing Harry Potter as my gateway fandom – meaning that it was this much-beloved book […]

Drama Workshop, or: the best part of my student life

             Originally posted in June 2016 Even before launching my first website, I was beyond certain that I’m going to mention the […]

The positive effect of a spelling error: The Klingon Scandal of 2006

… which I’m not sure actually took place in 2006, but until I manage to look it up, let’s pretend it was 2006. While I was attending […]