Jay of all trades

Jay works as a screenwriter, content writer, copywriter as well as a proofreader, general editor and sensitivity editor. Truly a Jay of all trades, eh?

Never mind cheap puns – better listen to previous clients of Jay's to explain why they are a great creative reinforcement to have in your arsenal.

Leandr G.

BA student

“Having read and loved Jay’s creative writing for a while, I was immediately drawn to ask them for assistance with feedback for my Bachelor’s thesis. I knew their command of words and texts would prove invaluable, and so I sent off my draft.
The feedback I received was monumental in scope; I was thoroughly impressed both by the speed with which they got back to me and the intensity of focus that was clear in every comment.
I profited immensely from their contributions and notes and know exactly at whose door I will come knocking once I reach the point of writing a Master’s thesis – Jay is unparalleled in their attention to detail as well as the beautifully constructive nature of their criticism. I at every turn felt that my work was in utterly capable hands. I tip my hat!“
Susan Joyce


“I first met Jay in an international screenwriter accountability group online; one they facilitated. Their keen eye worked as a spotlight to help me focus on what worked, and what didn't. Their honest and insightful feedback continues to encourage me to make my 'good' scripts cleaner, clearer, my best.
Experienced and professional in their approach, Jay is a great script consultant. Someone I highly recommend.”
Lois Stern

Writer and Voice Actress

“Dear Jay,
Your insights and leading questions have, once again, helped me find clarity. I love your positive comments and your suggestions have led me to quite a few aha's! It is so important to be able to get feedback from someone who isn't close to the material... and the way you break it all down always makes me feel like you care about the story and characters as much as I do.
I will be sharing your services as a resource for my writing friends! Receiving notes that are actionable and include what's working... invaluable!!
Creatively yours,
Ray Uzwyshyn


“Jay is a gifted and exacting script editor and reviewer. They reviewed and critiqued my tv drama script and television story bible and both their notes and editing corrections raised and improved the level of my script. Jay has a great command of English grammar and is an exacting and careful editor correcting details that I had overlooked and providing great perspectives and wider angles for any screenwriter’s film or television script! Recommended for both aspiring and seasoned writers!”

Looking for a sensitivity reader?

Is this okay? Let a queer, trans* person with a degree in anthropology and film studies check your project. From screenplay to website copy or press release, I'm here for you.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve written, directed and produced two short films, optioned one original feature script and am on my third paid rewrite gig. In 2019, I was also honoured to be asked to judge a youth film festival in Bavaria, Germany.

Though I believe that ANYONE – and I do mean anyone – who enjoys consuming media is “qualified”  to give feedback. We’re all just viewers, at the end of the day. Films and television is such a subjective art form and whoever claims that one needs a certain education is an elitist who is just out for your money. (Please, RUN FROM THOSE POEPLE.)

I’m a Jay of all (creative) trades, and I’m not sorry for the pun ;)

I offer proofreading and editing services for any type of document. Most of my clients are students with tight deadlines who need help with their thesis or essay. My own BA and the accompanying experience with academic writing comes in handy in this case.

Translating texts from German to English and vice versa is something I genuinely enjoy. There’s something incredibly satisfying about finding the perfect way to phrase something!

As a copywriter, my specialties include website copywriting, email copywriting, and case studies.

On a screenwriting level, I’m of course available as a screenwriter for hire. I also offer sensitivity editing, which is especially useful when you wish to have a story that stands out from the masses. Provocation is great, but alienation will land you on the rejection pile.

Yes. No hidden costs, no “I gave you great advice, so now pay me”. You receive feedback when I can manage to make the time and I don’t expect payment.

For more details on how I came to this philosophy, check out my blog post on the subject.

If you want to give me a tip or support me by becoming a Patreon, you’re very welcome to,  though :)

First of all, I am so grateful you wish to tip me! Only do it if you’re comfortably  able to, though.

The easiest way in this day and age is through PayPal: paypal.me/jaypendragon

Alternatively,  you could check out my Patreon page and consider to pledge monthly, thus providing continuous motivation!


Then don’t hesitate to reach out! No tedious contact form, simply shoot me an email =)
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