After smaller film projects for my school’s Drama Workshop, I embarked on an amazing journey: my no-budget directorial debut “Acceptance/Akzeptanz”. With the help of cinematographer and editor Tina Reuther as well as three wonderful actors, my team and I brought this soft bilingual drama to life.

Watch Acceptance now:

About Acceptance

“Acceptance/Akzeptanz” follows young manager Fiona who moves back to her hometown after a promotion. With her, she brings girlfriend Sam as well as an engagement ring.

Once in Bavaria, Fiona’s father calls her for the first time in ten years. Fiona hopes for acceptance on his part, but Jörg seems to be motivated solely by his cancer diagnosis.

Filmed in Jay’s hometown, a small village in Upper Palatine, Bavaria, and backed by 30+ supporters on Startnext, it is a gentle tale about family, love, and overcoming differences.

Cast & Crew

Length: 17:35 min
Cast: Daniela Jankowiak, Shabana Hussain, Thomas Giegerich
Screenplay/Directing: Jay Pendragon
Cinematography/Editing: Tina Reuther
Sound Supervisor: Thomas Werner

Original Score: Hartwig Ross
Title Song: “Lost to be Found” by Eddy Gabler

The original score featuring ten tracks was composed by Hartwig Ross. The composer reached out to Jay after reading about the “Acceptance” crowdfunding campaign in the local newspaper.

Listen to an excerpt of the soundtrack here on Soundcloud.

What does the press say?

Unfortunately, all coverage is in German only and still features my ‘old’ name… but here’s proof that it exists =)

Press statement of the city Schwandorf, 12.07.2016:
Julia Schnorrer vollendet ersten Kurzfilm – Vorstellung bei Oberbürgermeister Andreas Feller. Also covered by Onetz (14.07.2016).