40 Jahre Stadtbibliothek Schwandorf

When the 40th anniversary of my hometown’s library dawned on the horizon, librarian Alfred Wolfsteiner asked me to do a promotional video to celebrate this milestone.

Watch the 40 Jahre Stadtbibliothek Schwandorf now:

The result premiered at the official festivities in October 2017 to much praise. I’m still so thrilled that long-time visitors said I captured the library’s spirit perfectly and created a truly entertaining video – there is no higher praise then that!

More of my films

I have written, produced and directed two short films, the no-budget bilingual film “Acceptance/Akzeptanz” and the low-budget character drama “The Hacker”.

My corporate videos include the promotional video for the library in Schwandorf, Upper Palatine, as well as video lessons for the online course “Ich hab’s satt” (unpublished) and more.

As of 2019, I also provide film workshops for kids! The format will return to Schwandorf, Bavaria, in February 2020, and hopefully many more places.