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Jay Pendragon is a queer, trans* writer, screenwriter and copywriter with over 15 years of experience in creative processes. Discover if Jay's services are a fit for you!

Copy writing

You have a vision, but can't seem to express it in a way that attracts clients? Jay can help. After a free discovery call, Jay will submit a proposal for your unique project.

Content writing

People have become quite savvy – they want quality content they enjoy reading. With over 15 years worth of writing experience, Jay has you covered there.

Sensitivity editor

Provocation slays... but alienation kills! Don't destroy your chances with clients through accidental blunders. Jay has a degree in anthropology. As a trans*, queer writer, they are your ideal sensitivity editor!


From simple proofreading to a full edit with layout and formatting check, Jay offers a variety of services that improve both professional and personal texts.


English-German and German-English translation of various texts and complexity levels. Charged per hour or as a flat fee because Jay feels this is fairer to both parties involved.

Other services

The service you require isn't listed? No worries! Simply reach out to Jay via email and explain what you need.

Looking for a sensitivity reader?

Is this okay? Let a queer, trans* person with a degree in anthropology and film studies check your project.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve been a freelance writer for 15+ years. The wealth of my experience came my way after receiving my BA in film studies and anthropology.

At the moment (2022), I mostly work with long-term, existing clients on copy and content for their websites, social media, and digital ads. For one, I also serve as Marketing Manager in addition to Senior Copywriter.



I’ve written, directed and produced two short films, optioned one original feature script and am on my third paid rewrite gig. In 2019, I was also honoured to be asked to judge a youth film festival in Bavaria, Germany.

Though I believe that ANYONE – and I do mean anyone – who enjoys consuming media is “qualified”  to give feedback. We’re all just viewers, at the end of the day. Films and television is such a subjective art form and whoever claims that one needs a certain education is an elitist who is just out for your money. (Please, RUN FROM THOSE POEPLE.)

Yes. No hidden costs, no “I gave you great advice, so now pay me”. You receive feedback when I can manage to make the time and I don’t expect payment.

For more details on how I came to this philosophy, check out my blog post on the subject.

If you want to give me a tip or support me by becoming a Patreon, you’re very welcome to,  though :)

First of all, I am so grateful you wish to tip me! Only do it if you’re comfortably  able to, though.

The easiest way in this day and age is through PayPal: paypal.me/jaypendragon. 


Then don’t hesitate to reach out! No tedious contact form, simply shoot me an email =)
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