Time for a new frontier!

After more than a decade of telling stories on screen, on stage, and in fiction, I’ve gathered up all my courage and embark on a new adventure: copywriting and content creation!

Because yes, there’s a difference.

Copy primarily aims to sell, content to spark connections. Both need to be well-executed and molded to fit your vision and mission.

So, wanna join me on my journey?

Straight to my portfolio

Jay is a trans* writer who uses they/them pronouns.

Website copy

Clear and simple, sometimes short, always engaging: writing good website copy is a challenge like no other. Whether to sell or tell your professional story, it's about what you want to say. I just help you express it better. :)

Email copy

I'm not going to lie – I'm new to writing email copy. I'm familiar with receiving them, though. Being on the other end as a fellow creative makes my bar for captivating copy quite high. So believe me when I say I will ensure yours hits the mark!

Case studies

My past experience in journalism taught me how powerful personal stories can be. In copywriting, case studies range from testimonials to longer reports. All help convey why new clients should opt for you.

Social media content

Writing for social media is more than adding a bunch of emojis to a line of text. Every caption is a reflection of your brand and image. It needs to be consistent across all platforms and be authentic to connect with your audience.

Holistic approach

As a long-form writer, I always track several moving pieces. Adjusting one thing affects everything else down the road.

No matter what task I face, I take a holistic perspective on the writing you require. People nowadays expect marketing and communication to be congruent across all platforms. I ensure mine fits right into your brand!

Schedule your free discovery call

Let's chat for half an hour and let me find out how I can help you with my skills! Based on our call, I will send you a project proposal with timeline and a quote. Then you can decide whether I'm a good fit for your needs.


FAQ – Answers to your questions

1. What do you mean with "holistic approach"?

The times of multi-channel marketing are in the past. Today, customers expect omni-channel marketing. That means that a company’s messaging needs to be coherent across all platforms they serve. Even small changes cause a ripple effect.

Huh, that sounds familiar! As a long-form writer, I always track multiple moving pieces. Whenever I adjust anything, I always pay attention to how I have to tweak things down the line.

This is why I take a holistic perspective on copywriting, too. No matter the task you give, I will ensure my work fits your overall brand.

2. What kind of prices can I expect?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. Each project is unique and every client deserves my full attention before I can send out a quote along with a project proposal. There is no risk in reaching out. All discovery calls are free!

3. Do you offer payment plans?

I’m happy to accommodate your specific needs and preferences. Just let me know and we’ll find a solution that works for both of us :)

4. Can you do rush-orders?

Yes, I can… with a caveat. Depending on my workload, I might not be able to meet your deadline. Yet I tend to manage my time very effectively and thus have enough buffer to fit in smaller rush projects.

5. Are you available for long-time collaboration?

YAS!, I am more than happy to accompany you for an extended part of your journey. I recently partnered with a brand new event planner (during the pandemic, even?!) and look forward to seeing where professional life takes him.

Let's sort out the details!

Of course a simple FAQ won’t cover the details of your project. Finding out more is easy: Simply send me a quick email to info@jaypendragon.com. We can set  up a discovery call and explore in depth how I can help you with my writing skills.


About Jay

Jay Pendragon is a freelance screenwriter, writer of fiction and copywriter. They also proofread and translate. From improving your website copy to polishing your cover letter, Jay has the experience. And most importantly, they find the joy in writing!

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