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Jay has over 10 years of experience in proofreading and translating under their proverbial belt. Whether professional or personal documents and texts, Jay's talent for expressing ideas and captivating readers will benefit you and your individual project.

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At the most basic level, I check your grammar, punctuation, spelling and a coherent style throughout your text.


German-English and English-German translations of any kind. I have done rough translations, bullet-point summaries of texts, as well as the classic, fine-tuned translation and am prepared to meet your exact needs.

Light editing

In addition to basic proofreading, I ensure your style, word choice, structure and internal logic of the given text has its intended effects and suggest the necessary tweaks.

Final pass

I check your layout and formatting for English and German texts according to the guidelines you need to follow. At some point, all sentences just look the same, right?

Full edit

In a full edit, you authorize me to make deeper changes to your documents, including rephrasing, restructuring and additional sentences.


I accept all common formats, such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, PDF. For more details, see the FAQ.

Testimonials – what previous clients say

Leandr G.

BA student

Having read and loved Jay’s creative writing for a while, I was immediately drawn to ask them for assistance with feedback for my Bachelor’s thesis. I knew their command of words and texts would prove invaluable, and so I sent off my draft.
The feedback I received was monumental in scope; I was thoroughly impressed both by the speed with which they got back to me and the intensity of focus that was clear in every comment.
I profited immensely from their contributions and notes and know exactly at whose door I will coming knocking once I reach the point of writing a Master’s thesis – Jay is unparalleled in their attention to detail as well as the beautifully constructive nature of their criticism. I at every turn felt that my work was in utterly capable hands. I tip my hat!

Jay's prices

Every text is different. This is why I don't charge per word, but per hour. A text with limited errors requires more time and effort on my part than if it were dotted with mistakes.

A light or full edit requires more time than simple proofreading. Translations differ from project to project. That's why I feel a lot more comfortable charging per hour. I note down my times in 15-minute increments. This of course requires trust on your part. Alternatively, I'm happy to agree on a fixed fee for any given project if you prefer.

per hour
/ per hour (before taxes)
Request a quote
Fair to both parties: fee depends on time spent
Transparent record of time required by Jay
Invoices possible, taxes included
Rush-orders possible
Alle Preise sind zzgl. MwSt.
Flat fee
from 25
/ per page
Request a quote
Full cost control and transparency
Flat fees per page after assessment
Special deals possible
Rush-orders upon request
All prices listed before taxes

1. What's the process to hire Jay?

Simply send your requests via email to Please include information as to what services you require and add your document(s)  so that I can check the project’s scope. I will then tell you how much time I estimate the work to take. Either we agree on an hourly wage (27€ before taxes) or we agree upon a flat fee.

2. Why doesn't Jay charge per word?

I have always been uncomfortable with the practice of charging per word. A text with less mistakes will be less work than one with many errors. Editing takes more time than simple proofreading. My solution: I charge per hour.  Thank you for understanding! – Jay

3. What's better, flat fee or per hour?

Thanks to extensive experience, my estimates are quite reliable. So you won’t be in for unfortunate surprises when you choose to pay per hour. I track my work-time in 15-minute intervals. In case you opt for a flat fee, you will know for certain beforehand how much my work will cost you. I’m fine either way – both is fair to all parties involved, in my opinion.

4. Can you give examples for flat fees?

Resumeup to three pages – 25 €

Cover letter, up to two pages – 25 € proofreading, 30€ light edit, 35€ full edit

Essays, reports and other documents, per page – 25 € proofread, 30€ light edit, 35€ full edit

Translation of a resume/CV,  up to three pages – 45 €

Translation of a cover letter, up to two pages – 55€

Other texts and documents – negotiable

5. How long is the turnaround?

Turnaround depends on the extent of the documents involved and my current workload. Usually, turnaround is 48 hours, i.e. two work days. Rush orders are possible for an added 25% of the final fee before taxes.

6. Can I get a rush order?

Usually, turnaround is 48 hours, i.e. two work days. Rush orders are possible for an added 25% of the final fee before taxes.

7. In which format should I send my documents?

I accept all common formats, such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Pages, OpenOffice and of course pdf.

With .doc/.docx/.pages/.odt formats, I work with the “track changes”  function. This way you can see what I changed and either accept them or discard them.

With pdf-formats, my comments can be found within the pdf. In case you wish to have the comments in a separate document, please let me know beforehand.

Further questions?

In case your question hasn’t been answered yet, don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you and will do my best to clarify!


About Jay

Jay Pendragon is a freelance screenwriter, writer and copy writer. They have been proofreading and translating on the side for over 10 years. From ‘pimping’ cover letters to summing up chapters from textbooks in bullet points, helping with presentations or essays, Jay brings the experience you need – as well as fun when writing!

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