There’s nothing like creating a world from scratch and filling it with compelling characters and conflict. Even better when you get to move readers with your tales!

You can find me on Amazon. Stay tuned for my upcoming novel called “The Masks We Wear”.



I’m proud to call myself a fanfic writer: Fandom is where I learned what it means to share my passion for stories and how brilliant it feels to profoundly move readers with your tales.

So far, I have published over 1,9 million words on my AO3 account!



The world of film and TV both enthralls and frustrates me. I get very passionate about stories I love, yet also see the flaws. Amongst them: the lack of queer and trans* representation on screen.

That’s why my own scripts tend to feature characters from all over the rainbow. My philosophy: Write what you want to see!



The internet truly opened up the ways in which we can share our stories. I love reading long-form content that has a voice and a unique perspective. Of course it wasn’t long before I joined the party!

Nowadays, you can find most of my essays on Medium. Stay tuned for future guest appearances on other sites.



The copywriter in me has truly blossomed in 2020! Since then, I have been fortunate to work with amazing companies, most of which are still amongst my long-term clients. From Sales Marketing to content writing and email, in me you will find a talented and passionate Jay of all trades.

If you’re interested in my portfolio, please reach out.


Content writing

Copy and content are two different beasts – or so they say. One aims to sell, one aims to inform. The way I see it, both copywriting and content writing revolve around storytelling.

Both aim to build long-lasting relationships and deepen existing connections. My approach centers on emotion: that’s where sales decisions happen.

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